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Pottery and Glass 1952-1958
1952: July p38, Nov p46, 1953: March pxli, July pxxviii, Nov pxxxii, 1954: March pxxxviii, May pxxx, July pxxxiv, Sept pxxxvi, Nov pxxxii, 1955:
May pxxxix, July pxxxvi, Sept pxxxvi, Nov pxxxv, 1956: March pxxxvi, May pxxxiii, July pxxxviii, Sept plvi, 1957: Jan plxiv, March pxxx, May pxxii,
July pxxxii, Sept pxxviii, Nov pxxviii, 1958: March pxxxvi, May pxviii, July pxiv, Sept pxxxiv

A9123 is the copper/bronze lustre version of this pattern, A9252 the silver.