Two gentlemen drinking  A9008
 A meal - lady overturns table  A9010
 Lady & gentleman drinking  A9010
 Meal - gentleman about to eat  Pattern number unknown 
 Gentleman smoking  A8908, A9008 A9010
 A drinking party  A8930, A9007, A9008
 Two ladies standing (Version 1)  A8608
 Two ladies standing (Version 2)  A8734, A9498
 Family playing musical instruments  A8734
 Children eating fruit from a basket  A8651, A8862
 A bird table


 Four dogs being teased


 Smoking shellfish in a cage  A8651, A8734, A8908, A9010
 Two cats with tied tales  A8734
 A pig being ridden  A8651, A8862
 A cat tethered on a lead  A8862, A8734, A9010
 Bear baiting  A8651
 A busy garden scene  A8651
 Lady holding small bag, with servant  A8608
 Servant and lady  A9009
 Lady and servant  A9009, A9010, A9149
 Lady holding parrot  A8949
 Children tormenting seated lady  A9010
 Lady feeling unwell  A9009
 Three ladies surrounded by three gents  A8651    
 Man with stick kicking another man  A8651    
 Man with sombrero poking spider's web  A8651