Designers - Alix Stone
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The 1946 Britain Can Make It exhibition (see below) catalogue (page 93) lists two exhibits under "Manufactured by AE Gray & Co, Stoke-on-Trent for Heal's (Wholesale & Export) Ltd": a dinner service and a tea service, with the name Miss A Stone as designer.

The Victoria & Albert Museum's accession entry for its item C.251-1991 (a 161mm/6" dia teaplate), Gray's pattern A8161, includes the following: Alix Stone was a student at the Central School of Arts and Crafts studying stage design when she was introduced to the retailer Heal & Sons' Chief Buyer, Prudence Lady Maufe (1882-1976), who asked her to provide designs for the company.

AE Gray had a long commercial association with Heal's and it is therefore likely that the company was asked to produce Miss Stone's designs.

In considering the style of Gray's patterns A8161 (Heal's name Pegasus) and A8168 (Heal's name Shell*) and which are both recorded as Stone's designs, it is possible that A8163 (Plantain) and A8166 (Amphora) may also be her designs.

* Shells were the Maufe family emblem, which may indicate a direct link for the design

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