1920        February 23 - March 5
6th British Industries Fair
Crystal Palace, London
P&GR 3.20 p179:
Gray and Co Ltd, AE, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, Staffs. No London representation.

At this stand the open display of dinner ware on separate stands was a good innovation, and did credit to those responsible. We did not notice any new china services, but the designs in semi-porcelain evidenced knowledge of colour values and good sense of pattern arrangement. Of the new dinner ware, some charming patterns were [a daisy on black border]; another, No 1593
, conventional scroll decoration and green border, with blue petals; in tea ware, No 829 (Hardwicke), a grass-green decoration with pheasant motif, and black on white alternate green floral treatment, full of lively but harmonious effects.
Also noticeable, free hand-painted decorated lines on green and red grounds; feature being good use of two strengths of same bright colour juxtaposed. In toilets, the only new set that caught the writer's eye was the [Graham shape]
, with hand-painted floral straps; available in trinkets. American store buyers should enquire about a baby toilet set fitted up on stand, with hand-painted floral design. Other outstanding new items were some [plaques in strong colour], with hand-painted Jacobean background; in fancies, peacock blue with dice border; sundries for mounting, in variety of shapes and twelve self-toned colours, with dice border.
PG 4.20 p475:
 .... on the second day of the Exhibition, a visit .... by Their Majesties the King and Queen and Princess Mary .... they found time to visit several outstanding exhibits and halted 'en passant' at others. The stands thus honoured were those of Doulton & Co Ltd .... AE Gray & Co Ltd .... (eight in total).
PG 4.20 p485:
AE Gray & Co Ltd had their usual strong show of judiciously decorated china tea, breakfast, and dessert sets and sundries, as well as semi-porcelain in all its branches. Simplicity was the keynote both of the arrangement of the stand and of the patterns shown. To remind our readers of the class of goods in which this firm specialises, we reproduce here a photograph of three teacups and saucers and plates. The firm has hundreds of different patterns, however, embracing a wide field of design, and the full range is one which cannot fail to attract any dealer who may be on the lookout for something really smart at a moderate figure.