1921        February 21 - March 4
7th British Industries Fair
White City, Shepherds Bush, London
P&GR 3.21 p191:
Gray, AE and Co, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, Staffs. London office: 2 Charterhouse Street, EC1.
A leading feature of this firm's exhibits was a range of patterns on services, which included brilliant futurist colouring, delicate shadow designs, and those of medium strength to meet the demands of various fashions in furniture.
Of the first No 2163, printed and enamelled fruit design, shown on an old-world check cloth, would be ideal in a country cottage. No 2151, a new 'Jewel' hand-painted pattern, in strong colours and futurist style on semi-porcelain, is very taking, whilst in contrast, No 2158
, shadow pattern, in pale mauve, blue, and green violets and foliage, and 2157, pale mauve trellis, with blue, yellow-centred flowers and light green leaves, all hand-painted, make a very dainty show.
The medium colouring services, 2155, forget-me-not designs in a range of various colours, is clean and very attractive. For country houses and cottages, the cherry pattern, No 2153, is excellent. All these designs are used on services and fancies. Amongst the new lithos, No 2204 is a good and very decorative line, whilst 2201 is so excellent as to give the appearance of hand-painting.
PG 4.21 pp596-597:
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, showed the usual select display of specialistic treatments in decorative schemes, applied to a full range of domestic china and earthenware. A feature of the stand was the eclectic manner in which the various patterns were shown, and the discriminative limitation of the number of pieces exhibited. A photograph of the stand here reproduced will emphasise this point more clearly than a wordy elaboration of it. Simplicity of treatment and careful regard of artistic principles characterised the entire exhibit.