1922        January 16 - February 25
British Institute of Industrial Art - Present Day Industrial Art Exhibition
Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington, London
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PG 3.22 p398:
AE Gray & Co Ltd presented a special case of hand-decorated tea and dinner ware, kitchen jars, jam jars, etc. The whole of the pieces were fully up to the standard upon which this company prides itself. Simplicity of treatment, with colouring restrainedly yet skilfully applied, seemed to sum up the whole series of patterns on display.
The catalogue contains a brief description of the Gray's Pottery exhibit:

No 316. Case of domestic pottery, by AE Gray & Company, Limited, comprising hand decorated tea and dinner services, kitchen jars and jam jars.
An advertisement, on page ix, illustrates patterns 2284 and 2301.

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