1924        April 28 - May 9
10th British Industries Fair

White City, Shepherds Bush, London

PG 6.24 p1016 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, showed a whole series of refined patterns in tea, breakfast, dinner and toilet ware, as well as vases, hand-decorated and lustred. Some of the latter were based on the lines of the old Italian and Spanish lustres, and there was a spirit of freedom about them which was really quite refreshing. Reproductions of some of the [old Staffordshire figures] were also shown, but treated in a rather more modern spirit in the matter of colour. The utility wares included many hand-painted border patterns, and there were also a number of styles in which this class of hand-painting was seen in combination with gold bands.
A unique type of hand-painted [nursery ware] was a feature of the exhibit. We commented to Mr Gray upon the fact that this type of nursery ware is very different from the types that we ourselves remember from our childhood days, and his reply was that he thought that if there was anything that was criminal it was to put before the child something that was bad taste in the matter of art, because the mind was in such a receptive condition at that particular stage that incalculable harm might be done. We wondered, in view of Mr Gray's observation, whether possibly our own taste in the matter of art might not have been perverted in this way, because very often we find that what we like other people dissent from. However, we certainly agreed with Mr Gray in the principle expressed.