1925        July - October
Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratif et Industriels Modernes

Catalogue Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratif et Industriels Modernes - Pavillon Britannique, p97 (French version p96)
Unfortunately, as with the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, no images exist of the Gray's products on display. It is believed that pattern 5399 was one of the designs exhibited.
PG 7.25 p1092:
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Hanley, by the character of their exhibit, appear to indicate a greater appreciation of what the French authorities were inviting and expecting than is displayed by many of the firms exhibiting, though we doubt very much whether, from a business-getting point of view, their efforts to conform to the original instructions issued by the exhibition authorities will recoup them to the same degree as if they had come forward with some of the types of patterns which they have shown at previous exhibitions. Be that as it may, the pieces exhibited included some smart hand-gilt dinner and tea ware patterns, as well as some notable vases in broad treatments of modern lustres, richly hand-gilt. Freehand work was the dominating characteristic of the majority of the pieces exhibited. We cannot help feeling that this particular firm, along with several others, probably suffered by reason of their desire to carry out, as far as possible to the letter, the spirit of the exhibition. That they could have put up a far better show had they been given a freer hand, or had they interpreted the instructions less literally, we have not the slightest doubt.
P&GR 11.25 p419:
Awards to pottery firms and artists - a silver medal to AE Gray & Co (with 12 others).
The 1927 British Government report on the Paris Exhibition includes a chapter on Pottery by Gordon M Forsyth where he assesses all the pottery shown and he details certain companies, pp127-133:
Messrs AE Gray & Co decorate interesting, well-made utilitarian and ornamental ware in Gloria lustre, each piece being hand-painted and signed by the artist. They also decorate china tea ware, but their chief and most meritorious exhibit was of well-decorated pieces of dinner ware. This ware is excellent in its simplicity, great use being made of small bright touches of on-glaze enamel colour, which gives a clean and wholesome effect - so necessary to utilitarian ware.