1927        September 29 - October 29
British Industrial Art Exhibition: Recent examples of British Pottery
North Court Annexe, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Exhibition details courtesy the V&A Ceramics Library (Box 3 2C2):

Note: Equivalent costs for 2011 are based on a conversion by The National Archives working the equivalent spending worth forwards from 1925 (closest date) into 2011 values and correcting for consumer price inflation 1925-1927 (3%). It is intended as a guide only.

Unfortunately, no specific design can be attributed to any item listed in the above and there are no images available.

P&GR 10.27 p371:
AE Gray & Co Ltd had quite a number of small objects in which the beauty of hand work in enamelled colours was shown. They had many pretty little novelties, including mug, porridge plate, cup and saucer, [beaker and plate], designed by Miss Susie Cooper. Also a fruit bowl, by the same artist. One of the most remarkable pieces on this stand, however, was a vegetable dish in silver and turquoise enamel, part of a dinner service of 54 pieces.
PG 1.28 p103:
Exhibition in the North Court Annexe of the Museum. AE Gray & Co Ltd, Hanley, among the firms exhibiting (13 commercial potters, 65 studio potters).