1927        February 21 - March 4
12th British Industries Fair
White City, Shepherds Bush, London and at the Aerodrome, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham
PG 4.27 p632 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, had an exhibit at Stand G9 which stood out conspicuously as an example of 'something different' from the ordinary run of exhibition displays. The stand itself at once marked out this particular exhibit from the remainder of the displays, and as for the wares on view, these certainly struck some new notes as regards their decorative handling.
The Gloria lustres were still on view, though there were some quite new adaptations. As regards the useful tablewares, both china and earthenware, hand-painted styles of decorations predominated, and, as a whole, the exhibit seemed to suggest a real desire on the part of the firm to create new styles rather than to follow upon traditional lines. To create is always difficult, and perhaps the more so in an industry where convention has, in the past, counted for so much; but the firm in question is nothing daunted, and is continuing, apparently, to pursue a line of policy which they evidently believe will eventually bring them a trade which is more or less of their own creation, bound up with their name and reflecting their artistic impulses.