1931        February 16 - 27
16th British Industries Fair
Olympia, London
P&GR 3.31 p78 (Fair review):
From the steps of one of the chief entrances to the Fair the most noticeable stand was that of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, some of the ware being displayed on artistic little tables and shelves outside, and some inside the enclosure. The latest design was the yellow glaze ware decorated with coloured bands to suit modern taste. Then there was the attractive celadon body ware and that decorated with silver resist patterns, as well as patterns suggested by Persian art. One of these in blue, red and green, on tea ware was selected by the Queen to be sent to Lady Ednam Memorial Hospital. The Queen also chose a nursery set and jugs with a [tulip pattern] on them. Striking morning sets with shaded bands were also well set out to show their effect in conjunction with modern furniture.
PG 4.31 p542 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Hanley, pottery decorators, made a big showing of patterns in tablewares which were for the most part hand-painted in gay colourings. The styles varied from simple renderings in the floral spirit to more or less elaborate treatments whose inspiration was obviously derived from the Persian school. There were also patterns which relied powerfully upon bands of strong contrasting colours brushed up closely one against the other. The stand was once again visited by Her Majesty the Queen, who purchased several morning sets, including one [hand-painted with a crocus design]. The exhibit included, as last year, a number of decorations entailing the use of silver and platinum.