1934        February 19 - March 2
19th British Industries Fair
Olympia, London
P&GR 3.34 p64 (Fair review):
Particularly noticeable on entering the Empire Hall from the street, was the fine, brownish grey stand of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, worthily constructed and arranged to display their 'pottery of distinction'. The latest decorations shown were examples of the lighter treatment, such as A1284, a few black and red lines expressing a great deal, in a manner similar to that of the Chinese. There was a range of ware with an egg-shell finish, decorated either with bright or subdued colours, or black. Another decoration shown was the [Tartan], while there were examples of colour bands. This firm also still specialises in silver lustre and silver resist decorations. Among the stoneware, made with clay from Chesterfield, there were some very attractive shapes, including an ashtray with a special groove to knock the ashes from a pipe. In this ware there were also beer mugs and jugs, with various decorations. The Queen bought some ware [decorated with a water-lily pattern], as well as a store jar in blue stoneware, while the Duchess of York bought a green porcelain store jar.
PG 2.34 p222 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (Stands C11 & C22) - following their established practice this firm will exhibit a big selection of high-class hand-painted wares suitable for table use, in addition to ornamental lines - vases, bowls, electric lamps etc.
PG 4.34 p460 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Gray's Pottery, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent - upon their usually imposing stand, near to the main entrance to the Pottery & Glass Section, this firm showed a full set of samples of their hand-painted tablewares in both services and sundries; also a range of ornamental goods, consisting chiefly of bowls, vases and electric lamps. The firm was again honoured by a visit from Her Majesty the Queen, who was accompanied by the Duchess of York, and a number of pieces were purchased by both. The Queen was interested in a [hand-painted water-lily pattern] executed in several tones of green and outlined in silver, and purchased half a dozen jugs and some bowls of this pattern. Some household cereal jars, decorated with plain bands of colour, also attracted both the Queen and the Duchess, and resulted in Royal purchases.