1937        February 15 - 26
22nd British Industries Fair
Olympia, London
P&GR 3.37 p64 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Stand Nos C410 & 422. Occupying a commanding central position in Empire Hall, featuring in window in dinner, coffee and tea sets the new Stella designs, illustrated here (page 61), treated groundlaid colours with spot diaper (suggesting name) as a border on cups and plates, deeper from rim to handle base on cups and pots showing close regard to contours, on graceful shapes, in various colours: green, beige, maroon and pink. Similar in type are the new American service plates, groundlaid with gold finish, with check patterns, and chain-border of some, also a key motif, the check finished in gold. Another series, Chatsworth group, shows pleasing graduated colour with strong linear interest formulated by brushed treatment of the green, blue, yellow, pink or brown (No A4131 last, noteworthy) to a shaded tone adapted to the spot unit border, best burnished gold finish. Feature in coffee sets: new Queen's shape, replacing can, outspreading slightly at mouth; also kindred to it, in deep Coronation shape, modernesque with square handles, in decorated patterns. Interesting new range of early morning sets, six different colours of the pattern of freehand-painted spray and banded finish; simpler patterns, without floral motif. [Woodcut or engraved effect] seen in a new inexpensive range for dinner and tea sets, feature being ensemble of motif with cover dishes, latter especially designed for decoration.
PG 2.37 p250 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (C410 & C420) As in former years, this firm will be showing a full range of decorated earthenware, both useful and ornamental, and featuring for the most part designs of an individualistic order.
PG 4.37 p551 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent - General domestic pottery was on show here in a big variety of good-class patterns. The stand received a visit from Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, both of whom made a purchase of a [Coronation punch bowl] - a luxury piece - of a decoration which has been selected for the Paris Exhibition (see text from the French Exhibition catalogue, item 273, shown in the 1937 report below this timeline). The painting, it was stated, has been done by an eighteen-years-old girl who was taken straight from an elementary school four years ago. The decoration of the bowl is in gold on an ivory ground. Around the inner rim, in Roman letters, is the inscription 'Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth', and at the foot of the interior of the bowl the Royal coat-of-arms, whilst at intervals, both inside and outside the bowl, appears the Royal crown. Numerous other pieces were purchased by Queen Mary at this stand, including an hors d'oeuvre set, complete on tray, and a couple of dozen hand-painted jugs. Mr Gray was congratulated by Queen Mary on having attained to his fiftieth year of association with the pottery industry.