1938        February 21 - March 4
23rd British Industries Fair
Olympia, London
PG 2.38 p248 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd - Stand C1010 & C1020. Decorated earthenware, both in services and ornamental articles, will again be shown by this firm, modern design being specially emphasised.
PG 3.38 p406 (Fair review):
'Royalty at the BIF' - Queen Mary bought from the following firms: .... AE Gray & Co Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent ....
P&GR 3.38 pp60, 64-65 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Had again a fine corner position in the central aisle of the Empire Hall, good taste shown in tiered groupings of table and associate decorative types, also attractively featured open settings in the side windows. Clean, graceful contours with dentil edge mark a new range of morning sets. These in soft-toned decorations of shaded multiple bands in brushwork treatment are effectively relieved by warm coloured fleur-de-lys centres. Rather unusual is a pinky tone in No A4988, it goes well with the dominant bright note of the floral motif. Pleasant warm coloured bandings shown in a new series of kitchenware, sensible bases and body outlines. These stand out well against the massed decorative linear bands at base in orange, green and blue. Mottled colourings effect shown in No 8312, and a clearly-defined yet soft-toned blue hand-traced treatment in No A5692. Store jars are to be added shortly. Banded patterns in table services still selling well, and include shaded bands in pastel colours. Rather distinctive is a new smoke colour seen in pattern A4939, in grey to shoulder then darkening; but requires circumspection in application. Wove in all patterns except No A8312*. There are some distinctive simple motif spray effects applied to dinner ware, as in the delightful clean rendering in No A4918, of palm unit crossing the shoulder line in complementary grey and yellow scheme against a soft grey band and bright green edge. Another, the [Heather] design, shown on the right of our illustration, used as a corner motif in flat pieces and just off centre from base of hollow wares, is finely tuned for decorative effect and balance, with apt colouring predominatingly greyish and shaded lines and strong black edge throwing up the outlines. Available en suite. Of a somewhat different type is No A5081, a repeat of crocus flowers warm in tone with dominant green of spiky leafage falling away pleasingly towards shoulder athwart a wide relieving fawn band. Heightened in tone by gold edge the skilful play of a bright two-toned green on handles combines to give a striking colour unity of the pattern in relation to shapes. More difficult to assess in the latter regard is the unusual No A4962 design, seen on the left of our illustration. Noteworthy as a praiseworthy effort to effect a breakaway from accepted pattern treatment on small-scale objects, as dinner ware, etc, there is introduced a repeating encircling motif of blue and green floret sprays below the shoulder axis of dishes, the rim bordered in sepia band and gold with double lines. Done in other colour schemes. Their [Stella] design, introduced last year, shows a variety of groundlaid coloured borders - pink, green, blue, and yellow, relieved by polka date diapering to shoulder. The dessert ware seen in this is decidedly pleasing. A3872 in [Stella]  design, with beige border, shows a vertical disposition of the spot diaper with green groundlay, altogether distinctive and aesthetically attractive. Different style of lamps introduced in ovoid shapes, hand-decorated motives, treatments designed to harmonise with dinner and tea ware for table settings. Very good series of hors d'oeuvre sets, modern, clean contours and decorative ensemble with simple painted patterns.       *this is assumed to be 8312
PG 4.38 p550 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent - general domestic earthenware - dinner, tea and coffee ware, - of modern designs were shown by this house. The stand was again visited by Queen Mary, who purchased a number of items, including a four-section hors d'oeuvre set, fitted to a wooden tray, the design featuring a hand-painted guelder rose. Her Majesty also purchased some jugs banded in gay colourings and some pieces of kitchenware blue-banded and lined.