1939        February 28 - March 3
24th British Industries Fair
Olympia, London
PG 2.39 p251 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd. Stands C1010 & C1021. This firm announces that it will again be showing tableware in dinner, tea and coffee services, electric lamps, vases, bowls, kitchen fittings and sundries, as well as pottery for advertising purposes.
P&GR 3.39 p82 (Fair review):
'Royal purchases at the BIF' - purchases by Her Majesty at the stand of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd of Stoke included tea and coffee services decorated in silver with a vine pattern and a copy of a thirteenth-century Persian design; a double coffee service decorated in copper lustre; and two morning sets, one broadly painted with green and pink lustres and the other having a conventional border pattern.
P&GR 4.39 p87 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Stands Nos C1010 & C1021, in their usual well-placed corner position in the centre aisle of the Empire Hall, laid out with quiet, good taste, utilising effectively the side windows for pleasing groups of hand-painted tableware of distinctive modern forms. One of their outstanding designs is No A5628, en suite covering dinner, tea, and coffee services and other wares, utilises a new green, of light sage tone, treated with deep band of this and enriched with scoured gold finish, the ground having rendering of double white lines scratched out, the result is very soft and pleasing in relation to contours. Available in all colours. Soup services, in sets of six or eight dishes and server shown, in all colours and designs decidedly attractive.
PG 4.39 p531 (Fair review):
Useful and ornamental domestic wares, bearing exclusive decorations, were shown here on the usual spacious stand. There were dinner, tea and coffee services, kitchen fittings, vases, bowls, electric lamps, numerous sundries and pottery suitable for advertising purposes. The stand was visited by the King and Queen, who displayed special interest in quite a number of items, particularly a range of pieces decorated in a silver resist. Coffee sets and tea sets were purchased by their Majesties in an Old English Vine pattern and a thirteenth-century Persian design; also a coffee set in the old copper lustring style and an early morning set painted in green and pink lustre, the interior of the pieces being lined with mother-of-pearl. Her Majesty the Queen caught sight of a cornucopia flower holder, which was displayed with anemones, and she was interested to learn that this was modelled by Mr Gray's daughter (see Designers, Joan Gray). She expressed a liking also for an old Leeds flower vase with six compartments, with a gold decoration upon a matt-buff glaze.