1946        September 24 -October 31, extended to November, then to the end of December
Britain Can Make It Exhibition
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
P&G 3.46 p34 and PG 4.46 p266:
Pottery Industry Committee (to assist the Council of Industrial Design) has amongst its members: Mr AE Gray, Mr W Moorcroft, Miss Susie Cooper, Mr John Wedgwood ....
PG 6.46 p404:
Selection of pieces to take place on June 4th and 5th at the Masonic Hall, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.
P&G 9.46 p20:
.... photograph No 3 shows a beautiful example of the hand-decorated lustre ware for which AE Gray & Co are famous. This piece is a silver wedding bowl and exemplifies an interesting revival from earlier times - the specially inscribed pottery presentation piece for private occasions; the fashion should be further popularised today. The decoration comprises the Vine design, with initials and date, finished with lines and bands, the whole carried out in silver lustre on a white ground. The designer is SC Talbot NRD.
Design '46, Council of Industrial Design report on the 'Britain Can Make It' exhibition, HMSO, pp26 & 27:
The Council of Industrial Design's 144-page report has chapters based on the type of product exhibited. WB Honey (Keeper of the Department of Ceramics at the Victoria & Albert Museum) appraised the 'Pottery and Glass' and there are two images of Gray's Pottery products included in the total of 18 used to illustrate ceramics. These and four other black & white images exist in the Brighton Design Archives.
PG 11.46 p736:
Pattern A8320, designed by SC Talbot, exhibited.
P&G 10.47 p45:
.... an article on presentation pieces of yesterday .... reference to recent works .... There was, too, the silver lustre wedding bowl that formed one of the more striking exhibits at the 'Britain Can Make It' exhibition ....
The following lists are taken from the official catalogue of the Britain Can Make It exhibition, courtesy the Ken Stradling Collection at the Bristol Guild.
Following continuing manufacturing and supply restrictions in the aftermath of war, it was considered essential to show the product availability for each item (see code list at the end). Serious shortages gave rise to a nickname for the Exhibition: Britain Can Make It but Britain Can't Have It!
There's a general cautionary note in the catalogue: …. (necessarily), items were selected well in advance … some may not have finally been shown in the Exhibition …

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