1948        May 3 - 14
26th British Industries Fair
Earl's Court, London
PG 5.48 p417 (Fair preview) and 6.48 p516 (illustration):
AE Gray & Co Ltd - tableware and ornamental goods with distinctive decorations, largely consisting of hand-painted treatments - the leading speciality of this house - will again be on view, incorporating many new patterns. In fact, with the exception of their traditional style of silver lustre and copper lustre decorations in service plates and coffee ware for the USA and Canadian markets, all the tableware decoration on view will be new, none having yet been put on the market.
P&G 6.48 p31 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, manufacturers of dinner and tea ware, table fancies, kitchenware, lamp bases, bulb bowls, flower vases etc. Specialists in hand-painted decorations, silver resist and coloured lustres. Exhibiting a variety of tableware, featuring mostly lustre decorations in silver, gold, copper and purple, in traditional and modern designs; also a limited number of tableware decorations printed and filled in with colours. Jugs with lustre finish with old colour prints inset, cigarette boxes, ashtrays, etc, in lustre and colours and in plain lustres. Featuring a new silver lustre table service with a striking decoration in green and white.