1951        May - September
Ceramics on the South Bank - part of the Festival of Britain exhibition

PG 3.51 p427:
- the plate will be on show near a special demonstration of pottery decorating  which AE Gray & Co Ltd will be giving at the Festival.
P&G 5.51 p53:
Grays Pottery, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Seven patterns will be exhibited, and also a souvenir bowl painted in silver lustre. Operatives from the firm will give a demonstration of pottery decorating (in the Power and Production Pavilion) during the first two weeks in September.
PG 6.51 p907:
 .... in the section 'Minerals of the Island' are exhibits by AE Gray & Co Ltd, Shelley Potteries, Adderleys, Josiah Wedgwood and John Walsh Walsh. (Also in 'Homes & Gardens' section).
Design and British Industry, Richard Stewart 1987, p150:
 .... here an effective setting is provided in the Power and Production Pavilion for a pottery demonstration by AE Gray & Co.

The following patterns were either exhibited and/or sold as souvenirs at the Festival of Britain:
A8261, (A)8429, A8645, A8666, A8940, A9038 and A9039