Hospitality begins at Home
Tea Centre, 22 Regent Street, Piccadilly, London
P&G 6.51 p68:
(A critical review of the exhibition held recently in London): .... exhibition of furnishing for entertaining arranged by the Council of Industrial Design .... exhibition made up of a series of sets, several of which are pictured here ....
'Luncheon and the living room', the second set (Fig 2) was dominated by the dining table with W3257 Appledore dinner service (V Skellern, Jos Wedgwood) .... our photograph shows only a part of the suggested dining room. The other section was laid out for tea, conversation and general dalliance, and once again the outstanding feature was the china - this time the beautiful [(A)8429 Blue Stella] pattern designed by SC Talbot and made by AE Gray & Co Ltd. Amid a confusion of decorative ornaments, pictures and furniture, this tea set alone seemed to be happily fitted for its purpose, yet at the same time quietly conscious of its own self-sufficient beauty.