1918        March 11 - 22
4th British Industries Fair
Pennington Street premises of the London Dock
PG 4.18 p309:
AE Gray & Co Ltd, of Hanley, had obtained a large, open stand in a commanding position, which they employed to good effect, their wares being of a description that could confidently challenge the attention of all comers.
An island case in front was devoted to the pattern No 1581, which has a mauve ground with trailing foliage and flowers, also in mauve, with pale green centres. The pieces shown included toilet ware, tea ware, vases and jars, while a nice little tea set of the same design was set out on a table immediately in the rear.
Queen Mary, on the occasion of her visit, had chosen a tea-caddy and fern-pot of this ware for her own use, and had also selected some vases, etc, to be delivered to the Red Cross Bazaar at Hanley on May 14th. These the firm are giving as a contribution to the Bazaar.
A similar decorative scheme in green was shown in another island case at the opposite end of the stand. On the rear shelving was a variety of toilet sets with bold colour schemes in purple and green, yellow and black and white, mauve and deep purple, etc. Perhaps the most daring was a floral design in purple, blue and green on an Indian Red background, the extremes of colour cancelling out and realising a quite harmonious general effect.
Other toilet sets showed the narrow enamelled bands on solid grounds in which this firm have achieved many successes; geometric borders were also applied in a similar way, [a rhomboidal chequer] being particularly conspicuous. For dinner ware, the narrow litho bands were most freely used, but the tea sets at the other end of the stand showed some excellent original hand-painting, a blue cornflower border furnishing an excellent example.
Another very rich tea set had floral panels on a Rose-du-Barri and purple background, with an irregular mesh, representing a genuine triumph of artistic technique. Some fern-pots with purple background and floral borders had been purchased by Queen Alexandra.
PG 5.18 p379:
(Illustration of the stand): .... it fully illustrates the advantage of the open stand for exhibition purposes, the blending of artistic shades of decoration being particularly well accomplished. The Royal purchases are indicated by labels in the left-hand island case.