6th Harrogate Fair
Harrogate, Yorkshire
P&G 1.55 p1 with illustration p2(1) (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (stand 343/344) for their first showing at the Fair have selected table fancies, early morning sets, jugs and soup sets(1). Lamp bases are to be shown and some examples of souvenir pottery: this can be engraved with local views or buildings to customers' orders. Decorations include silver and bronze lustre resists, hand-painted designs and printed patterns.
P&G 3.55 p77 (Fair review):
A roomful of lustre ware, now back in fashion, and a second room of fresh-looking modern patterns for tableware, some novel hors d'oeuvre dishes decorated with signs of the Zodiac, and kitchenware which would put an end to the blue and white or red and white kitchen, if it were more widely shown here. It is in glorious rich clear colours: lime, turquoise, yellow, olive, maroon, orange, black, grey, relieved with white lines and white interiors.
PG 3.55 p416 (Fair review):
Practically everything being shown was new. We were attracted especially, however, to a range of colourful kitchenware in six colours, which, we were not surprised to learn, had proved to be the most popular selling line of all during the Fair. In a second stockroom this firm had their well-known lustre and lustre resist, as well as 'Punch sets' and other items of particular appeal to the American market.