1919        February 24 - March 7
5th British Industries Fair
Pennington Street premises of the London Dock
PG 4.19 p356:
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, had their usual open stand, which occupied an enviable corner position, quite near to the entrance. It was an extremely attractive show, although it had not been studiously elaborated. Its chief merit lay in its simplicity, for it consisted of just one or two showcases, with a few tables slipped in between covered with white tablecloths.
At the same time, it was genuinely attractive, as our illustration will show. With regard to the patterns shown, amongst these were some fine Jacobean styles in both china and earthenware. One No 576, of which a tea caddy was purchased by Queen Mary, was carried out in a black print with quite a nice little spray pattern in subdued colours. A new departure in inexpensive litho borders in flat tones was to be seen in such patterns as the No 1766, in which the predominant colours were green and blue.

This is finished off either with a green line or with a gold edge; in the former it looks quite well. There was a splendid border pattern carried out entirely in black, with black handles to match, and there was an interesting all hand-work pattern, [groundlaid, and worked up on the top of the ground with a touch of red spotting based upon heather bloom].

There was a goodly showing of plate patterns, suitable for tier stands, also jam dishes, butter dishes, biscuits, salads, and the like, suitable for the mounting trades. There were some really good styles in plaques, amongst which a Jacobean style was conspicuous.
There was also one in pencilled blue, with a large heraldic lion forming the centre. The freehand spirit of the whole thing was quite refreshing. It can safely be said that the artistic effect which the stand of this particular firm exerted came almost entirely from the wares themselves, which told their own story, as they stood upon the simple white cloths upon which they were arrayed.

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