1958        February 3 - 7
Blackpool Gifts & Fancy Goods Fair
Blackpool, Lancashire
P&G 1.58 p7 with illustrations p3(2) p17(1) (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (I.230) have several new ranges on show including engines(1), ballerinas(2), and the Cutty Sark(3). In addition a range of tableware, kitchenware, and souvenir items will be shown.
PG 2.58 p242 (Fair preview):
Showing their usual range of dinner and tea ware, lamp bases, giftware, some new kitchenware and fancies, also some tiled trays.
P&G 3.58 p78 with illustration p83(3) (Fair review):
Some particularly interesting items were engravings of historical architectural subjects on trays, dishes, jars and tankards, among them being 'Temple Bar'(as it was originally), Knolle House at Sevenoaks, and the Iron Bridge over the Wear, begun in 1793. Some details of this famous structure are given, all of which adds to the interest.