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Many Gray's Pottery designs, notably during the 1950s, used print images which may or may not be enamelled, but which carry the name of a person, place, event etc. The list below is of designs which include some text, most especially as a title or heading. Some of the words may have constituted official pattern names during the life of Gray's Pottery, but there is no evidence to support this one way or the other.
The pattern numbers of some of these designs are known and are included in the list. As always, enquirers are encouraged to submit their images to this website in order to expand and enhance the information that is presented.

In an article on souvenir merchandise in a 1956 Pottery and Glass magazine (December pps392&393), the use of 'collective subjects … on pottery' refers to AE Gray & Co Ltd "… having found that several watering-places are also fishing ports, which can be served with a picture of a trawler." Also that "Old and picturesque maps are a highly practical form of the 'collective' type of souvenir and can be stocked by retailers in all the towns marked." Additionally, "For shops which conduct a lively tourist trade, it is well worth ordering a selection of tailor made souvenirs with pictures depicting a local scene." Four Gray's Pottery examples accompany the article, including prints of Canada, Victoria Falls and Nassau (pattern D566).