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The following list represents the most common verses used by Gray's Pottery on a wide range of products from the mid-1940s through into the 1950s. Many of the designs were destined for the North American market and examples regularly appear on auction sites in that continent. The first product with a verse is likely to be A7894, created around 1945. A surviving original publicity photograph has the following label:

This example of pattern A7894 has The Sailor's Farewell verse (2V below). Many more patterns with verses follow in the A8000, A9000, 'D' and 'S' series of numbers. Note that some patterns can have several different verses, the best illustrative example being the Tom & Jerry punch sets, pattern A9008, where at least two different verses are used throughout the set.

Gray's Pottery
continued a long tradition of the use of verses on pots, many relating to a nautical theme, and the most useful reference source Sunderland Pottery (5th Edition, revised JC Baker 1984) published by Tyne and Wear County Council Museums contains a comprehensive listing in Appendix IV: Rhymes, Mottoes and Designs. The
figures in green in the list below cross-refer to this publication.

PATT.NO.A7894. Ship printed in Black. Painted in Silver Brown, (sails) Blue & Green.  Printed verse at back.
Finish is in Copper Lustre.