Pattern numbers

To view details of a particular pattern range, click the number range in the list on the left which will expand to reveal the pages available within. Click on a page to view the detail.

If an image is available for a particular pattern, click on the       icon in the image column.

There are a few patterns for which we have notes but no image, these are indicated 'Notes only'.
Please note

Gray's Pottery's pattern books were lost many years ago. This table and its associated images is an on-going attempt at re-establishing what the books must have contained.

We can be certain of the reference number of many patterns but there are also many where we cannot be so sure, for example: the number on the base of the pot is difficult to decipher; it may have been provided in good faith by a third party but has not been seen by us; no example of a particular design has yet been seen with its pattern number.

We therefore advise caution on the interpretation of the numbers on the bases of Gray's Pottery, as indicated at the start of this main section on Patterns.

Again, as mentioned elsewhere, we welcome receiving good images of designs which do not appear in the table such that they may be added, together with a credit for the contributor. We thank people in advance for their support of this process.

Note especially that the quality of images varies according to the source.