Pattern No: 1400

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Nursery Not known 1918


This appears to be a very early nursery design. However, the cup has the Clipper N3 backstamp (used from 1933-61) and the plate has a 1st Galleon B mark (1914 – early 1920s), but without any words such as ‘AE Gray & Co Ltd’. The number 1400 is clearly painted, in blue, on the plate.
The number 1400 is also clearly marked on the 254mm (10″) diameter bowl, as is Gray’s 1st Galleon backstamp – but, again, without any words such as ‘AE Gray & Co Ltd’. There’s also a Heal stamp with the name ‘THE BLUE BIRD’.

Jack Bond (see the Designers section) was 17 years old when this design was created and probably still at Grammar School, so it’s a little difficult to imagine that he was responsible for its creation. However, he was undoubtedly a very good artist and may have produced novel designs for AE Gray at this early stage in the development of Gray’s Pottery.

Search key: bird/duck

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