Pattern No: 8071

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Cubist Abstract and jazz modern Susie Cooper 1928


If the amount of Cubist pots seen at auction and on auction sites is anything to go by, this must have been a very popular pattern. It has been recorded on a wide range of both useful and ornamental ware such as cups & saucers, teapots, jugs, preserve pots, candlesticks, vases, boxes and comports. Despite its obvious success, Susie Cooper never liked this type of design, preferring much more restrained patterns.

A pattern sold by the London retailer Lewis’s.

Pattern 8190 appears to be identical.

The last image is of items with the name of the Belfast drinks maker Ross, started by Conway Ross in 1879 and which existed until the late 1980s. In Gray’s early association with the Rotary movement, he became friends with Charles E White, the manager of Robert Hogg & Co, a Belfast china and glass dealer and it’s quite possible that the two of them were instrumental in creating the ‘advertising’ pots for Ross.
All the examples recorded of 8071 pots with Ross’s name added have Clipper N2 backstamps (and one with N7), in use from 1933 and therefore being significantly later than the date of the pattern’s creation.
Recorded items have the following drink names, all in upper-case printed lettering:
– JUGS – Sparkling Grape Fruit with Belfast Tonic Water (as per illustration), Belfast Ginger Ale with Belfast Soda Water.
– DISHES – Belfast Ginger Ale (as per illustration); Belfast Lime Juice Cordial (as per illustration); Belfast Tonic Water; Belfast Sparkling Grape Fruit; Belfast Soda Water.

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R Gardner
Stroud Auctions
gonzostuff, from a pre-war Midlands department store catalogue
GP, flossie_susie, Alamy
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