Pattern No: 8586

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Summertime Floral Not known 1930


Pottery & Glass Record, June 1930, page 174: On the occasion of her visit to the Modern Pottery Exhibition at the famous store of Barker’s, London, Her Majesty Queen Mary purchased some exquisite hand-painted tableware of the “Summertime” and “Marsh Marigold*” patterns manufactured by Messrs A.E. Gray and Co. Ltd, of Hanley ….
* pattern 8742

A pattern sold by the London retailer Mortlock’s.

The lowest image shows a Gray’s in-store demonstration event using Summertime pattern. It’s likely to be at Barker’s London store in about 1930.

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Originator unknown
Originator unknown
Originator unknown
M Crombie
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