Pattern No: 8744

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Floral Not known 1930


This appears to use a white glaze, pattern 7956 has a honey glaze.

An analysis of surviving examples of patterns 8743, 8744, 8745, 9066 and 9303 suggests that these designs were purely for use on 270mm (10½”) and/or 305mm (12″) diameter rimmed plates. No useful wares or other shapes have been recorded for these patterns.
8743, 8744 and 8745 all feature one stylised ‘tulip’ at the centre.

Of all the numerous pots recorded for the designs as listed in the paragraph above, none has a Susie Cooper Liner backstamp (reference D), reasonable proof that such designs were not created by Miss Cooper. An analysis of patterns from number 8450 to 9500 shows a distinct change in style, corresponding to the time when Susie Cooper had left Gray’s Pottery to start her own business. One conclusion is that the new ‘range’ was created by the enigmatic Miss Tomes (see the Designers section of the website).

Similar Patterns


collect1876, kaz5577, other originators unknown
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