Pattern No: A4589

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - purple Not known 1937


If the amount of A4589 pots seen at auction and on auction sites is anything to go by, this must have been a very popular pattern, particularly in North America where examples are regularly seen.
It has been recorded on both useful and decorative ware: on plates and jugs (notably the ‘Antique’ shape shown in the fourth image and the ‘Castle’ jug trio depicting the three sizes), on tea and coffee ware, bowls, preserve pots, trinket dishes, rectangular and round lidded boxes. These pots are marked with various versions of the Clipper N backstamp and the Pharaoh’s boat mark R3, indicating that the design had a long production run, from the 1930s through into the late 1950s.

Recorded pots also suggest that the pattern was originally in pink/purple lustre but that it was produced in BC lustre in later years.

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Originator (in Canada) unknown
thebatman1 (USA)
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Originator (in the USA) unknown
Originator unknown
J&H Stamp
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