Pattern No: D1447

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - maps Not known 1956-60


In the 1950s, Gray’s produced a wide range of products with a map print, usually sold as small ashtrays or souvenir dishes. Many were for areas of Great Britain but they were also produced for parts of Canada, New Zealand and Nassau in the Bahamas.
The pattern numbers which have been recorded are sometimes unique to a particular print (eg D1424), others cover several prints (eg D1447). The list which follows is for Great Britain prints, from Scotland to the Channel Islands.

Map title where named – Towns from north to south – Pattern number where known
Picturesque Scotland – Ullapool to Edinburgh – D2006
Picturesque Scotland – Aberdeen to Kirkcudbright
Arran (Isle of)
North-umberland – Berwick to Newcastle
Scenic Grandeur, Lake District – Carlisle to Lancaster – D1447
(Isle of Man) – D1484
North East England – W Hartlepool to Skegness
Anglesey, The Scenic Isle – D2006
North Wales – Llandudno to Cardigan – D1447
Robin Hood Country – Worksop to Nottingham Castle – D2160
Wales – Rhyl to Tenby
The North Cotswolds – Quinton to Temple Guiting – D1424
East Anglia – Hunstanton to London
Picturesque England – Stafford to Bath
(Bristol Channel) – Aberystwyth to Clovelly
Southwest England – Gloucester to Salcombe – D1447
South East England – Harpenden to Bognor Regis
Southeast England – Cambridge to Eastbourne
Cornwall and Devon – Lynton to Lizard
Isles of Scilly
Jersey – D1530

A sepia, un-enamelled, version of the Lake District print has also been recorded, see pattern D2005.

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