Pattern No: S1580

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - enamelled prints Not known 1950s


All the patterns recorded for the numbers S1577 to S1582 have the words EXCLUSIVE TO MOTTAHEDEH in red in addition to the Gray’s backstamp which is either Clipper N3 or N6.

The inscription reads Society of Goffers at Blackheath and relates to the foundation of the game of golf as we know it today.
The print on the pot appears to be based on a painting created by Lemuel Francis Abbott in 1790, from which a mezzotint engraving was produced shortly afterwards.
The Gray’s image copies reasonably accurately all the elements of the original painting.

It would be expected that all these pots would have had the same pattern number but it rather seems as though each shape has its own number, perhaps a condition requested of the American customer, Mottahedeh.

The vast majority of the pots recorded are located in the USA.

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J Gribbel (USA)
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