Pattern No: A4894

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Guelder Rose Banded - with a motif Not known 1938


The Pottery Gazette, April 1 1938, page 550:
…. (the Gray’s Pottery) stand was again visited by Queen Mary, who purchased a number of items, including a four-section hors d’oeuvre set, fitted to a wooden tray, the design featuring a hand-painted guelder rose (A.4894?).

The rectangular dish in the first image and the four dishes in the second are, typically, part of an hors d’oeuvre set as described in The Pottery Gazette report and which refers to being supplied on a wooden tray (more information at
One of the four dishes in the second image has the letters B.I.F. under the pattern number indicating a piece considered suitable for display at a British Industries Fair (though it’s no guarantee that it was actually displayed).

Gray’s catalogue page image of 1937/8.

In the fourth image the cup and saucers are pattern B117, the square dish A4894.

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Originator unknown
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