Pattern No: A7670

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Banded - plain Not known 1939-45


Many pots decorated with Gray’s banded pattern 7670, from 1927, have been recorded. The small flower vase shown here is the sole example marked pattern A7670. It has the Pharaoh’s Boat backstamp R2, in use from 1935-45. It is possible that the ‘A’ prefix was added in error, or that a new number was created for the ‘re-introduction’ of the pattern during the Second World War.

The pot shown is an example of the small flower vases made by Kirkland for Gray’s Pottery, based on the single globe (75mm/3” diameter). They were made in single, double, triple/straight and triple/right-angled forms and there was also an ashtray (see pattern A4641) which itself came in two versions: single and double cigarette rests (see pattern A4238 for an example).

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