Pattern No: A8471

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - BC Not known 1947


This pattern, similar in general layout to A8465, is also applied on Johnson’s Greydawn earthenware, which, as its name implies, is grey/blue. Gray’s Pottery used Greydawn for a number of its designs but Rosedawn (pink), Goldendawn (yellow) and Greendawn (green) much less so.
Gray’s Greydawn patterns recorded so far are:
• from 1928/9: numbers 8115, 8413, 8455
• from 1938: A5527
• from 1946/7: A8293, A8453, A8465 and A8471.

Similar Patterns

None yet listed.


lmullins1330 (USA)
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