Pattern No: A8872

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - copper Not known 1950


Patterns A8872 and its silver lustre equivalent A8873 epitomise Gray’s lustre resist designs of the 1940s and 50s.

Recorded pots suggest that they were predominantly produced in useful ware: tea sets, coffee sets, jugs, bowls, preserve pots and covered butter/cheese dishes. Lidded boxes, both rectangular and circular, have also been recorded for both patterns, and lamp bases for A8873.
These were undoubtedly popular patterns and many examples are to be found in the USA.

The small jug in the fourth image was known as a ‘Castle’ jug at Gray’s Pottery: see the website section Retailers, North America – USA, Skinners for more information on these jugs.

The lidded shape shown in the last image was known as an ‘egg-candy’.

Search key: cheese/butter

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S Taylor
Originator unknown
Originator unknown
Originator unknown
Originator (in Canada) unknown
Originator (in the USA) unknown
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