Pattern No: A8890

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - enamelled prints Not known 1950


The three pots illustrated show three types of wall pocket almost certainly made by Kirkland exclusively for Gray’s Pottery.
In addition to being sold undecorated with a plain buff (most common), green or white glaze, they were decorated in a wide range of styles, typically banded or print & enamel, as with pattern A8890.

The top one is semi-circular in section, the middle one is ‘quarter-circle’, the bottom one almost tubular with a large hanging strap. The latter two were designed for use in a corner.

The last image is of a 1937/8 Gray’s catalogue and shows Wall Vase No 1 (example as shown in the first image above) as well as another shape, Wall Vase No 3 (see pattern A4178 for an example).

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Originator unknown
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