Pattern No: A9339

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - silver Not known 1952


A9339 is one of many lustre resist designs using a grapevine motif.

The large wall plate in the first image was owned by Jim and Zena Platt, two long-standing Gray’s employees. Zena was a highly-accomplished decorator and her mark, the two letters ZG, is distinctive. She was renowned as a superb decorator of cakes too!

The copper version shown in the last image has pattern number A9339/1 marked on the base: Gray’s Pottery often used suffixes for different colourways of the same pattern, particularly in the 1950s. Pattern Y9339 is the same design on a yellow groundlay.

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J&Z Platt
B Rayland
neuswanstein (USA)
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