Pattern No: S1510

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - copper Not known 1950s


All the patterns recorded for the numbers S1501 to S1515 have the words EXCLUSIVE TO MOTTAHEDEH in red in addition to the Gray’s backstamp (usually Clipper N6, occasionally Clipper N3).
They are all copper lustre patterns with a star resist motif and have a red print based on the American bald eagle and motto E pluribus unum, all within a shield.
One blue version has been recorded (see pattern S1504).

It would be expected that all these pots would have had the same pattern number but it rather seems as though each shape has its own number, perhaps a condition requested of the American customer, Mottahedeh (example: S1509 is a 230mm/9” diameter bowl, S1510 is a 305mm/12” bowl.)

The vast majority of the pots recorded are located in the USA.

Similar Patterns

None yet listed.


aydinemma (USA)
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