Pattern No: S1523

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - print only Not known 1950s


Patterns S1518 – S1523 follow a similar system to that which exists with patterns S1501 – S1515: the design is the same but the shape is different.

All six designs have black prints of The Renowned Cricketers Alfred Mynn Esqre and/or George Parr, together with the title The Noble Sport of Cricket.
The main body of all the shapes is yellow and, where applicable, the handles are left white with copper/bronze lustre lines and rims.

Mynn and Parr were 19th century English cricketers and the specific reason for celebrating them in these pots is unknown.

The Gray’s Pottery website is grateful to James Merchant for his research and information on the source of the cricketer images, as follows:
The George Parr image was borrowed from John Corbet Anderson’s noted series of portraits of celebrated English cricketers titled “Sketches at Lord’s”, catalogue No.39, which was dedicated to the members of the Marylebone Cricket Club 1850’s.
The Alfred Mynn Esqre image was borrowed from the pirated version of lithographs by print makers Mourilyan and Casey, being No.5 in their “Sketches at Lord’s Ground” series.

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J Merchant
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