Print Listing By Named Subject

Many Gray’s Pottery designs, notably during the 1950s, used print images which may or may not be enamelled, but which carry the name of a person, place, event etc. The list below is of designs which include some text, most especially as a title or heading. Some of the words may have constituted official pattern names during the life of Gray’s Pottery, but there is no evidence to support this one way or the other.
The pattern numbers of some of these designs are known and are included in the list. As always, enquirers are encouraged to submit their images to this website in order to expand and enhance the information that is presented.

In an article on souvenir merchandise in a 1956 Pottery and Glass magazine (December pps392&393), the use of ‘collective subjects … on pottery‘ refers to AE Gray & Co Ltd “… having found that several watering-places are also fishing ports, which can be served with a picture of a trawler.” Also that “Old and picturesque maps are a highly practical form of the ‘collective’ type of souvenir and can be stocked by retailers in all the towns marked.” Additionally, “For shops which conduct a lively tourist trade, it is well worth ordering a selection of tailor made souvenirs with pictures depicting a local scene.” Four Gray’s Pottery examples accompany the article, including prints of Canada, Victoria Falls and Nassau (pattern D566).

Words on the PotLikely Pattern NumberImage
6-h p Rover Car (automobile)View Image
(The) 17th Century Clock, Guildford (England) D1279View Image
1903 Ford 2 Cyl (automobile)View Image
1903 Mercedes 60HP Competition 2-seater (automobile)View Image
1919 Ford Model T Roadster (automobile)View Image
1930 "Tourist Trophy" Austin Seven (automobile) View Image
1930 M-type M.G. "Midget" (automobile) View Image
1956 Ferrari 410 "Superamerica" 5-litre (automobile) View Image
A Cornish Litany Tintagel (England)D1763/1View Image
A hunting we shall goView Image
A pot of shamrocksA8664View Image
Ainslie's "King's Legend" Scotch Whisky View Image
Alaska Highway (map)D1392View Image
Alaska Hi-way (signpost)D1877View Image
Alberta (Canada)D1878View Image
Alnmouth (England)View Image
American express train (railway locomotive)A8573View Image / View Image 2
An Irish jaunting carA8660View Image
An old Irish cottageA8631, A8632 View Image / View Image 2
Anglesey, the Scenic Isle (Wales, map) D2006View Image
AnglingD1469View Image
Anne Hathaway's Cottage Stratford-upon-Avon (England)D479View Image / View Image 2
Arbroath Abbey (Scotland)View Image
Arran (Scotland, map) View Image
Arundel Castle (England)D1560View Image / View Image 2
Ashness Bridge and Derwentwater, Keswick (England) D2047View Image
Austin (automobile)View Image
Australia (map)View Image
Australian (sailing ship)View Image
Bahama IslandsD557View Image
Bakewell Bridge (England)View Image
Baltimore and surroundingsView Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
(The) Bank and Village, Runswick Bay (England)D2171View Image
(The) Barley MowA8654, A8685 View Image
(The) Barquentine 'Blanche Currie' of Portmadoc (sailing ship)D1618View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Bath Abbey (England)View Image
Battle Abbey Sussex (England)View Image
Beatrix Potters House, Sawrey, Hawkshead (England) D1868View Image
Beaumaris (Wales)View Image
Beautiful Lakeland (England)D1771View Image
BeerView Image
BermudaA8806, A8824, A9442 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Bermuda Flowers (with Smith of Bermuda backstamp) A8776View Image
Best Friends of Charleston (railway locomotive)View Image
Blarney Castle, Cork (Ireland)A8680View Image
Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis 1779A9316View Image / View Image 2
Bonnie ScotlandD1771?View Image
Bournemouth (England)View Image
Bowlers PrayerView Image
Bristol Channel (England/Wales, map)View Image
Britannia (railway locomotive)View Image
British Columbia (Canada)D2115View Image
British elegance: a 1924 Vauxhall 30/98 (automobile)View Image
British Railways 2-10-0 Freight LocomotiveView Image
British Railways BO+BO Electric LocomotiveView Image
Bugatti "Brescia" 1922 (automobile)View Image
Cadet Chapel (USA)View Image
Caernarvon Castle (Wales)View Image
Canada (map)View Image
Canada (Vancouver Island, map)D2005View Image
Canada's Maritime Provinces (map)View Image
Charlotte Dundas (ship)A8597View Image
Cheshire Cat (The Famous), Nantwich (England)View Image
Chester, The Cheshire Cat View Image
Church tower Rushen Abbey, Isle of Man (England)D1740View Image
City of Carlisle Octocentenary 1158-1958 (England)View Image
(The) Cloisters Furness Abbey (England)View Image
Cockney Coster GirlView Image
Coles Hill and Portico over Plymouth Rock (USA)View Image
Colt Army Model 44 cal 1860 (gun)View Image / View Image 2
Colt Navy Model 36 cal 1851 (gun)View Image
Colt Texas Paterson 40 cal 1836 (gun)View Image
Colt Wells Fargo Model 31 cal 1848 (gun)View Image
Comet (ship)View Image
Commodore Bainbridge9239, A9283, A9287, D2188 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4
Commodore John Paul JonesA9281, A9316 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Constitution and the Java 17979239, A9287, D2188 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Conway (Wales)D1624View Image
Coracle Man Carmarthen (Wales)View Image
Cornwall (railway locomotive)View Image
Cragside Rothbury (England)View Image
Creux Harbour, Sark (Channel Islands)View Image
Croeso I Cymru (Welcome to Wales)View Image / View Image 2
(The) Cutty Sark (sailing ship)View Image
Daimler (automobile)View Image
Dame Allans founded 1705 (school)View Image
De Havilland Comet 48 Gt Britain 1959 (aircraft)View Image
DeerstalkingD1470View Image
Derby Winner 1865 GLADIATEUR (horse)View Image
Devil's Hole Jersey C.I. (Channel Islands)View Image
Dicken's DaysA8285View Image
Drake's 'Golden Hind' 1577 (sailing ship)View Image
Dublin the Customs HouseView Image
Dunster Castle and Yarn Market (England)D1459View Image
Durham Cathedral (England)View Image
East Anglia (England, map)View Image
Eastgate, Chester (England)D1231View Image
Edwinstowe Church (England)View Image
Eliza Bars's (sailing ship)A9292View Image
Enterprise (yacht)D1861View Image
Exeter (England)View Image
Fairey "Swordfish" (aircraft)View Image
(The) Famous Cheshire Cat, Nantwich (England)View Image
(The) Farmers ArmsD790, D922 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4
FAVONIUS (horse)
Also with the words: Derby Winner 1871
View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Festival of Wales 1958View Image / View Image 2
Fisherman's PrayerView Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Flying Cloud (sailing ship)D387, D2003 View Image
For Whitby has a charm which binds us so, That, though we would, she will not let us go. View Image
Ford (automobile)View Image
(The) Four Courts, and the Quays, Dublin View Image
Friendship International Airport Maryland (USA)View Image
G.P.Fourteen (yacht)D1821View Image
Gate of Honour Caius College, Cambridge (England) View Image
General Meade of the Union ArmyView Image
Gloster 'Gladiator' Fighter (aircraft)View Image
Goathland (England)View Image
Graf Zeppelin Germany 1928View Image
Great Republic (sailing ship)D387, D1354 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Gretna Hall - Gretna Green. Famous for runaway marriages 1710-1825 (Scotland)View Image / View Image 2
Guernsey (Channel Islands)D115View Image / View Image 2
Guernsey Airport (Channel Islands)View Image
Guildford, The 17th Century Clock (England)D1279View Image
H.M.S. Conway (sailing ship)View Image
Handley Page O/400 Bomber (aircraft)Unfortunately we have no image for this pattern
Handley Page 'Heyford' Bomber (aircraft)View Image
(The) Harbour Minehead (England)D1398View Image
Hardraw Scaur, Hawes (England)D2198View Image
Hardwicke (railway locomotive)View Image
Harvest House Felixstowe (England)View Image
Hastings (England)View Image
Hatari (in Swahili)View Image
Hexham Abbey founded 674 (England)View Image
Home Sweet HomeView Image
Horse Guards SentryView Image
House in which the immortal Shakespeare was born STRATFORD ON AVON (England)View Image
Independence Hall Liberty Bell Philadelphia (USA)View Image
Independence Hall, Philadelphia PA (USA)View Image
Ipswich from River Orwell 1830 (England)A9937View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
(Isle of Man) (map)D1484View Image
Isles of Scilly (map)View Image
Jambo! (in Swahili)D1538View Image
Jersey (map)View Image / View Image 2
Jesus College Cambridge (England)View Image
(The) Jolly WaggonerA8659, A8685, A8829, A9685 View Image / View Image 2
King George IV Monarch of all WhiskiesView Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Kirkby Lonsdale (England)D1767View Image
Knole (Kent, England)View Image
Kwa Heri! (in Swahili)D1538View Image
Lake District Scenic Grandeur (England, map)D1447View Image
Lake George, N.Y. (USA)View Image
Land Rover (automobile)D1192View Image
Landing of the Pilgrims. December 21, 1620 A9506View Image
Lanercost Priory Brampton (England)View Image
Late Bugatti: a 1935 Type 57 competition model (automobile)View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
(The) Lighthouse, Coquet Island, Amble (England)D2217View Image
(The) lily pond in Stanley Park Gardens, Vancouver, BC. (Canada)View Image
"Lion" of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway (railway locomotive)View Image
Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada View Image
(The) Little Chapel Guernsey (Channel Islands)View Image
Long Live the President of the United States9498View Image
Looe (England)View Image
M.V. Abegweit (ship) with The Mariner's CompassA9271View Image / View Image 2
Mariner's CompassA8597, A8621, A8622, A9292, A9684, A9688 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4 / View Image 5 / View Image 6
Maughold Head Lighthouse (Isle of Man, England)View Image
May Peace & Plenty on our Nation smileA9414, A9683 View Image / View Image 2
(The) Mayflower, 1620 (sailing ship)A9504View Image
Menai Bridge (Wales)D1737, D2162 View Image / View Image 2
Mevagissey Harbour (England)D2181View Image
Micklegate Bar, York (England)D1181View Image
Miss NipperView Image
Mont Orgueil Castle Jersey (Channel Islands)View Image
Morris (Bullnose, automobile) View Image
Mount Vernon (USA)A9470View Image
Nantucket Mass (USA)A8831View Image
NassauD565, D566 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Nassau BahamasD1851View Image
Nassau HarbourD563View Image
Natchez (USA)D1552View Image
National 12-Foot Dingy Class (yacht)D1861View Image / View Image 2
National Firefly (yacht)D1861View Image / View Image 2
New Steam CoachView Image
New ZealandD1265View Image
New Zealand NZD1260View Image / View Image 2
Ngoma (in Swahili)D1538View Image
(The) Noble Sport of CricketS1520, S1521, S1522 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4 / View Image 5
(The) North Cotswolds (England, map)D1424View Image
North East England (map)View Image
North Landing Flamborough (England)View Image
North-umberland (England, map)View Image
North Wales (map)D1447View Image
(The) Old BeamsView Image
(The) old blacksmith's shop Gretna Green (Scotland)D543View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4
(The) Old Bridge House, Ambleside (England)View Image
Old Coach House - Bristol (England)View Image
Old Coach House - Stratford (England)View Image / View Image 2
Old Coach House - Woolhampton (England)View Image
Old Coach House - York (England)View Image / View Image 2
Old FaithfullView Image / View Image 2
(The) Old MillA7892, A8468, A8570, A8721, A9497View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Old Pillared House Hawkshead (England)View Image
Old York (England)D1152View Image
Olde Baltimore (USA)D1533View Image / View Image 2
One of the earliest 3-litre Bentleys (automobile)View Image
(The) Parish church of our Lady, Delaval (England)View Image / View Image 2
(The) Parish church, Market Drayton (England)View Image
Paul Revere's famous ride Boston Mass.View Image
Peel Castle Isle-of-ManView Image
Penshurst Place (England)A9956View Image
Peter Dawson Scotch WhiskyView Image
Peterhead (Scotland)View Image
Piccadilly Circus (London)View Image
Picturesque England (map)View Image
Picturesque Scotland (map)View Image / View Image 2
Pilgrim Father's "Mayflower" 1620 View Image
(Pope) Pius pp.xiiView Image
Plymouth Rock (1620, USA) A9614View Image / View Image 2
Porlock Wier (England)D2153View Image
Portmadoc (Wales)View Image
Portmeirion (Wales)D573View Image
Portpatrick (Scotland)View Image
Prince Edward Island (Canada)A9418View Image
Priscilla and John AldenA9377, A9378 View Image / View Image 2
Province of New Brunswick (Canada)View Image / View Image 2
Queen Empress (railway locomotive)View Image
R.C.Y.C. (Royal Corinthian Yacht Club)View Image
Ransomes and Rapier Limited Ipswich in 1875View Image
Rapid "Twin" the 1921 G.N. "Légère" (automobile)View Image
Renault Dauphine (automobile)View Image
Robin Hood Country (England)D2160View Image
Robin Hood's Bay (England)View Image
Rocket (railway locomotive)View Image
Rolls Royce (automobile)View Image
Round Table, various Clubs D2430View Image / View Image 2
Rover 3 Litre (automobile)D1192View Image
Royal Corps of SignalsView Image
Ryde (England)View Image / View Image 2
Scafell Pike 2300 H.P. Diesel Electric LocomotiveView Image
Shakespeare Theatre Stratford (England)View Image
(The) Shambles, York (England)D1489View Image
Ship Caroline (sailing ship)A8514, A8709, A8735, D281, D929 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4 / View Image 5 / View Image 6
Ship Sally (sailing ship)A8735View Image
(The) Shipwright's ArmsA8707View Image
Sit lux et lux fuit (Masonic image)View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4
Smallest House in Great BritainD1624View Image
Snowdon (Wales)View Image
Society of Goffers at Blackheath (London)D2330, S1577, S1578, S1579, S1580, S1582 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4 / View Image 5 / View Image 6
Sopwith 'Camel' Fighter (aircraft)View Image
South East England (map)View Image
Southeast England (map)View Image
Southwest England (map)D1447View Image
Souvenir of WalesView Image
Sovereign of the Seas (sailing ship)A9399, D387 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4
Sporting torpedo: a 1914 Sunbeam 12/16 (automobile)View Image
(The) Spread Eagle, Witham, Essex (England's Glory matches) View Image
(The) Square in Blanchland (England)View Image
St Andrews (Scotland)D1309View Image
St Brelades Bay Jersey C.I. (Channel Islands)View Image
St Helier (Channel Islands)View Image
St Ives Harbour (England)D2123View Image
St John's Church, Chester. HB Pruen (England)View Image
St Johns College Cambridge (England)View Image
Stephenson's 'Rocket' 1829 (railway locomotive)View Image
Stoke Parish Church (Stoke-on-Trent, England)View Image
Stoke-on-Trent Boat Club 1960 (England)View Image
Success to the United States of AmericaS1560, S1565 View Image / View Image 2
Success To the VolunteersView Image / View Image 2
Swan InnA8551, A8561 View Image / View Image 2
Sydney (sailing ship)A9399View Image
Tabard InnA5569, A8369, A8564, A8569 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Thorncliffe 1793 (Sheffield, England)View Image
Thornwick Bay, Flamborough (England)View Image
Three Brothers (sailing ship)D2003, D2186 View Image / View Image 2
TobagoView Image
Tom & Jerry (punch set)A8930, A9008 View Image / View Image 2
Tower Bridge (London)View Image
Towyn (Wales) - dragon imageView Image
Towyn (Wales) - Welsh spinners imageView Image
TrinidadD2088View Image
TrinidadView Image
Ullapool (Scotland)View Image
Ullswater (England)D2047View Image
Vickers 'Vimy' Bomber (aircraft)View Image
Victoria Falls (Africa)D797View Image / View Image 2
Vintage Cars Austin Seven (automobile)D1192View Image / View Image 2
Vintage Cars Bugatti 35B (automobile)D1192View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
Vintage Cars Ford.T. (automobile)View Image
Vintage Cars Lancia Lambda (automobile)View Image
Vintage Cars Rolls Royce 40/50 Phantom.1. (automobile)View Image
Vintage Cars Vauxhall Velox 30/98 (automobile)D1192View Image
Vintage survivor: the 1937 H.R.G. 1½-litre (automobile)View Image
Wales (map)View Image
Waterhead (England)D2047View Image
Wayside InnA8659, A8685, A8829 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
We'll keep a welcome (Welsh song)View Image
Welcome any timeView Image
Wells Cathedral, S.E. from Bishop's Garden (England) View Image
Windsor Castle (England)View Image
Winston ChurchillA8031View Image
(The) Wishing Well Devil's Hole Jersey C.I. (Channel Islands)View Image
Woburn Abbey (England)View Image
Wolseley (automobile)View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3
(The) Woodman, Highgate (England's Glory matches) View Image
Ye Old Malt HouseView Image
Ye Olde Jug InnA8574, A8579, A8596, A8654, A8685, A8751, A8764, A8829, A8948, A9035 View Image / View Image 2 / View Image 3 / View Image 4 / View Image 5 / View Image 6 / View Image 7 / View Image 8 / View Image 9
Yeoman of the TowerView Image
York Minster (England)View Image
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