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Additional information on certain exhibitions can be found on the  Exhibitions Resources page

The following abbreviations are used for magazine references:

PG – The Pottery Gazette/The Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review
P&GR – Pottery and Glass Record
P&G – Pottery and Glass
BIF for British Industries Fair

Gray’s Pottery participated in both national and international exhibitions and was present at various trade shows throughout the life of the company. The annual British Industries Fair was an important showcase for decorative arts in the first half of the twentieth century and was held as follows:

” the Potteries Fair to be replaced by the new British Industries Fair in London” P&GR (4) 1915 p19

1st BIF1915Agricultural Hall, Islington, London
2nd BIF1916Victoria & Albert Museum, London
3rd BIF1917Victoria & Albert Museum and the Imperial Institute, London
4th BIF1918Pennington Street premises of the London Dock
5th BIF1919Pennington Street premises of the London Dock
6th BIF1920Crystal Palace, London
7th BIF1921White City, Shepherds Bush, London
8th BIF1922White City, Shepherds Bush, London
9th BIF1923White City, Shepherds Bush, London
10th BIF1924White City, Shepherds Bush, London
11th BIF1926White City, Shepherds Bush, London
12th BIF1927White City, Shepherds Bush, London and Castle Bromwich, Birmingham
13th BIF1928White City, Shepherds Bush, London and Castle Bromwich, Birmingham
14th BIF1929White City, Shepherds Bush, London and Castle Bromwich, Birmingham
15th BIF1930Olympia, London
16th BIF1931Olympia, London
17th BIF1932Olympia, London
18th BIF1933Olympia, London
19th BIF1934Olympia, London
20th BIF1935Olympia, London
21st BIF1936Olympia, London
22nd BIF1937Olympia, London
23rd BIF1938Olympia, London
24th BIF1939Olympia, London (Referred to as the 25th Fair)
25th BIF1947Olympia, London
26th BIF1948Earl’s Court, London
27th BIF1949Earl’s Court, London
28th BIF1950Earl’s Court, London
29th BIF1951Earl’s Court, London (the last BIF where Gray’s Pottery exhibited)
30th BIF1952Earl’s Court, London

This section contains a chronological list of the known events with a Gray’s Pottery presence. Some images are contemporary, taken from written evidence of the period (often from the trade journals) and therefore considered to be definitive; others shown in [square brackets] or [square brackets] are the best estimate of what might have been on show.

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