Exhibitions 1931-1939


February 16 – 27, 1931
16th British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 3.31 page 78 (Fair review):
From the steps of one of the chief entrances to the Fair the most noticeable stand was that of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, some of the ware being displayed on artistic little tables and shelves outside, and some inside the enclosure. The latest design was the yellow glaze ware decorated with coloured bands to suit modern taste. Then there was the attractive celadon body ware and that decorated with silver resist patterns, as well as patterns suggested by Persian art. One of these in blue, red and green, on tea ware was selected by the Queen to be sent to Lady Ednam Memorial Hospital (image 1) (image 2) (image 3). The Queen also chose a nursery set and jugs with a [tulip pattern] on them. Striking morning sets with shaded bands were also well set out to show their effect in conjunction with modern furniture.

PG 4.31 page 542 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Hanley, pottery decorators, made a big showing of patterns in tablewares which were for the most part hand-painted in gay colourings. The styles varied from simple renderings in the floral spirit to more or less elaborate treatments whose inspiration was obviously derived from the Persian school. There were also patterns which relied powerfully upon bands of strong contrasting colours brushed up closely one against the other. The stand was once again visited by Her Majesty the Queen, who purchased several morning sets, including one [hand-painted with a crocus design]. The exhibit included, as last year, a number of decorations entailing the use of silver and platinum.


‘Autumn’, 1931
JH Awmack Ltd – shop window display

The Headrow, Leeds

PG 11.31 page 1535:
A regular feature of the journal, Amongst the China and Glass Shops, reported on Leeds in this November 1931 edition. Awmack’s window display, consisting almost entirely of jugs, appears to contain mostly Gray’s Pottery products.


February 2 – March 3, 1932
17th British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 3.32 pages 72-73 (Fair review):
As usual Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, had an artistically designed and arranged stand, the walls being of mottled fawn, and the little tables and stands, both inside and outside the enclosure, being in prettily designed natural oak. Notable pieces among his hand-painted ware were the vases adapted to [lamp standards, some with hexagon or pyramid shapes], though the globe shape still seems to be the most popular. A pretty design was a combination of silver lustre and enamel colours, with a shade painted to match. This pattern is also done on tea ware and sundries. The Queen bought some tea ware with a pretty blue iris pattern; and the Princess Royal bought ware with a plain coloured band. A new body colour is a creamy pink called Rose Dawn. Some novel nursery ware was decorated with bandsmen, designed by an officer in a military band.

PG 4.32 page 492 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, occupied their usual big display stand in the forefront of the Hammersmith Road entrance to the Fair and upon this was shown a big collection of hand-painted tablewares, sundries and ornamental pieces. Her Majesty the Queen again visited the stand and made several purchases, including a service bearing a decoration with a free treatment of violets. Bowls, vases and electric lamps were on show in some variety.


‘Autumn’, 1932
British Exhibition


PG 11.32 page 1376:
Coffee and tea sets by Booth’s Ltd, were on view together with ware representative of the products of the Cauldon Potteries Ltd …. while a coffee set and soup tureen were pieces chosen from AE Gray & Co Ltd ….


‘Permanent’, 1932
The Building Centre

158 New Bond Street, London

PG 11.32 page 1386:
(Object: to provide architects and others a complete range in materials for use in building construction):
Pottery of modern design was represented by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons …. and AE Gray & Co Ltd.


February 20 – March 3, 1933
18th British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 3.33 page 75 (Fair review):
Many new decorations were again to be seen at the unique stand of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd. Among the most notable were the plain band decorations and the floral and [fish patterns] on the stoneware. Oven ware is now supplied with decorations to match the dinner ware. A new set is a combination of egg and cruet sets; and another a [little jug with a lemon-squeezer fitted at the top]. Household jars are supplied all one colour or in harlequin sets, either lettered or plain. There are mixing bowls with banded decorations in different colours and all sizes, from 6’s to 30’s, to match the household jars. Among the richly decorated ware there is a new burnished silver pattern, replacing the liquid silver.

PG 2.33 page 203 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (Stand C12 & C23) – hand-painted decorative pottery in a full variety of wares for table use; also decorative pieces, in which bowls and lamps will be specially featured. The silver resist decorations will be seen in new applications.

PG 4.33 pages 470-471 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, showed a big range of their hand-painted decorations both in useful tablewares and fancies. The firm was honoured by a visit from the Queen and the Princess Royal, both of whom made purchases, including dinner ware with a hand-painted centre, and some jugs, bowls, egg sets and novelties. One of the decorations consisted of a bright purple exterior ground – a distinctive colour not usually encountered in pottery. A series of vases, bowls and electric lamps came in for general appreciation, and there were also some noteworthy silver resist treatments.


May 6 – September, 1933
5th International Exhibition of Decorative Arts (triennial)


PG 7.33 page 834 and 8.33 pages 970-971:
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, are showing examples of domestic earthenware bearing decorations that are truly modern. One of these, having simple bands of colour, is the No 8286 (Layebands), of which we give an illustration of a set of hors d’oeuvre dishes upon a wooden tray. The bands are in pastel fawns, and these are applied to a yellow body which is finished off with a jade green edge.
Another interesting pattern is the No 8375 (Aquamer), which has upright stripes in jade green and blue upon an ivory body, a green edge finish being employed in this instance also.

PG 2.34 page 504:
(Awards at the Milan Exhibition) – Ceramics:

Grand PrixJosiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd
Diplôme d’HonneurWT Copeland & Sons Ltd
Gold medalDoulton & Co Ltd
Pilkington’s Tile & Pottery Co Ltd
Michael Cardew
Bernard Leach
Silver medalAE Gray & Co Ltd
Bronze medalW Howson Taylor


June 20 – July 12, 1933
British Industrial Art in relation to the Home

Dorland Hall, Lower Regent Street, London

PG 7.33 pages 841-842:
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Glebe Works, Mayer Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Half a dozen very interesting patterns, true to the type of design which has been specially cultivated by this house, were selected for exhibit. One of the best of these, for true simplicity of effect was the No (A)986, illustrated. This consisted of brown bands and brown dashes and green spots upon a yellow glaze.
Of the other patterns, one of them had leaves and berries in silver on a yellow glaze; another, pale yellow leaves and a grey shadow on ivory; another, a gold and silver check on ivory; another, water green bands with a design painted in two greens; and the last, a grey and matt silver design upon a grey band.
It must be acknowledged that modernity of outlook characterises the whole of these patterns.

P&GR 7.33 pages 194 and 202:
AE Gray & Co, of Hanley, had some useful and decorative pottery, including biscuit jars, cigarette boxes, service plates, coffee cups and saucers, honey pots, ewers and basins.


February 19 – March 2, 1934
19th British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 3.34 page 64 (Fair review):
Particularly noticeable on entering the Empire Hall from the street, was the fine, brownish grey stand of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, worthily constructed and arranged to display their ‘pottery of distinction’. The latest decorations shown were examples of the lighter treatment, such as A1284, a few black and red lines expressing a great deal, in a manner similar to that of the Chinese. There was a range of ware with an egg-shell finish, decorated either with bright or subdued colours, or black. Another decoration shown was the [Tartan], while there were examples of colour bands. This firm also still specialises in silver lustre and silver resist decorations. Among the stoneware, made with clay from Chesterfield, there were some very attractive shapes, including an ashtray with a special groove to knock the ashes from a pipe. In this ware there were also beer mugs and jugs, with various decorations. The Queen bought some ware [decorated with a water-lily pattern], as well as a store jar in blue stoneware, while the Duchess of York bought a green porcelain store jar.

PG 2.34 page 222 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (Stands C11 & C22) – following their established practice this firm will exhibit a big selection of high-class hand-painted wares suitable for table use, in addition to ornamental lines – vases, bowls, electric lamps etc.

PG 4.34 page 460 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Gray’s Pottery, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent – upon their usually imposing stand, near to the main entrance to the Pottery & Glass Section, this firm showed a full set of samples of their hand-painted tablewares in both services and sundries; also a range of ornamental goods, consisting chiefly of bowls, vases and electric lamps. The firm was again honoured by a visit from Her Majesty the Queen, who was accompanied by the Duchess of York, and a number of pieces were purchased by both. The Queen was interested in a [hand-painted water-lily pattern] executed in several tones of green and outlined in silver, and purchased half a dozen jugs and some bowls of this pattern. Some household cereal jars, decorated with plain bands of colour, also attracted both the Queen and the Duchess, and resulted in Royal purchases.


The New Idea in Tableware

Waring & Gillow (1932) Ltd, Oxford Street, London

PG 5.34 page 604:
Eight potters were exhibiting: Wedgwood, Spode-Copeland, Doulton, Crown Ducal, Poole, Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, AE Gray.
(Note that it is not possible to determine the designs on display from the quality and size of the illustrations shown for the article).


February 18 – March 1, 1935
20th British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 3.35 page 67 (Fair review):
Many new decorations and shapes were to be seen at the artistic stand of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, a new line for this firm being garden ornaments, including rabbits, owls, toucans and penguins. Notable are the life-like eyes in the animals. There were also masks, with a suggestion of humour in them, including a fox, an Old salt, an owl and Sunny Boy. A very interesting novelty was a nut-holder with a slot through which birds can peck at the nuts, the holder having a modelled bird at the top. There were also several new bird baths in the same colours as the animals, one of them being a hexagon with a couple of modelled love birds. A very novel piece is a hollow ring, or hoop, to hold water, and with a groove round the top in which to place flowers.

PG 2.35 page 231 (Fair preview):
Gray, AE & Co Ltd (Stands C11 & 22) – This firm will again show a very varied range of patterns for table use and ornamental purposes, many of the decorations being of the high-grade hand-painted type.

PG 4.35 page 511 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent – domestic earthenware in a big range of articles, bearing for the most part hand-wrought decorations, was being shown here, and many new, pretty patterns, in the typical style of the firm, were on view. A very acceptable design was one painted in yellow and grey that was recently on view at the exhibition held at the Royal Academy, and of this a small service was purchased by the Queen, who once again re-visited the stand. There were some interesting jugs with hand-painted designs upon matt-surfaced glazes, and a set of these was also purchased by Her Majesty, together with a very charming table lamp of similar texture. A noble matt-surfaced vase in the centre of the stand, of a stoneware body rather than of an ordinary earthenware, bore an all-over ground of a unique green, bordering almost upon a turquoise. This is one of the Queen’s favourite colours, and it was not surprising that it attracted Her Majesty’s attention and was included amongst the Royal purchases. Numerous interesting lines in an unglazed stoneware pottery for garden use were also exhibited, and several pieces of this were purchased both by the Queen and the Princess Royal.


January 5 – March 9, 1935
British Art in Industry

Royal Academy, London

PG 2.35 pages 213-223:
AE Gray (Nos 93 & 97) have treated the cream ground with a fine sense of colour, and are extremely subtle with their dusty prelude to a blue wavy line.

PG 3.35 page 402:
‘Notes from the Potteries’, in reference to the Exhibition:
Mr AE Gray said it was to be regretted that British critics invariably tried to knock down a British show.

P&GR 1.35 page 3 (part of a report about Gray’s products on display at the company’s London showrooms):
Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd, also have some representative ware, five exhibits at the Royal Academy Exhibition of British Art in Industry. One of these is a novel design of [silver and gold vertical bands] seen in the showrooms, the ware being designed by SC Talbot and AE Gray. Then there are five pieces from dinner and tea sets, with the same designers, decorated chiefly with blue lines on a cream ground, and leaves suggested by a few strokes of green, and flowers by yellow dots; similar pieces decorated with [wavy lines and a band in blue]; tableware with yellow bands and blue lines; and a vegetable dish, cream jug, and two plates with a very neat and simple decoration made up of a [silver line, a thin red line, a few lines in grey and a few strokes suggesting leaves and flowers].

The following images are from two British Art in Industry Exhibition publications: the Catalogue and the Illustrated Souvenir,
courtesy P Atterbury.

Link to images.


Spring/Summer, 1935
Old and New English Pottery

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

P&GR 6.37 page 148:
Reference to an album of the Exhibition in the North Court …. a dinner service of Gray’s Pottery …..
A book containing black & white images of the pottery on display was published in April 1936. The patterns likely to be illustrated are:
Page 15: [A1544], [A2006] and [A2252]
Page 23: [teapot 4040] and [jug 9225].


February 17 – 28, 1936
21st British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 4.36 page 89 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Stand Nos C410 & 420. Quiet settings in a grey oak background made a fine display feature for the distinctive table and decorative wares shown at their big stand. Still making a strong feature of their buff coloured grounds in the Sunbuff ware (see Backstamps, NSunbuff).

New banded line effects seen, varying in widths from neck to broader treatment at centre. Seen on the new Queen shape, signally well composed. A good stock pattern was the Sunshine en suite, warm in tone of body, and selling rather well, recently shown at Burlington House. The new decoration, A3396, of a simple leaf and band rather pleasant and cleverly handled in relation to shapes of cups. There was a new open curving shape in tea sets on Sunbuff body ware. In hors d’oeuvre sets a new style of horizontal shape, attractive in line, supplied with oak tray, has slight outturning at rim (No A3448). New patterns shown in these sets – A3415, somewhat delicate effect of leaf of green and silver grey.

PG 2.36 page 248 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (C410 & C420) – tableware and ornamental goods with distinctive decorations, largely consisting of hand-painted treatments – a leading speciality of this house – will again be on view, incorporating many new patterns.

PG 4.36 page 539 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent – useful and decorated earthenware, of distinctive patterns, mainly evincing hand-painted effects, were to be consulted here.


July – October, 1936
Pottery Exhibition
Buxton, Derbyshire

P&GR 6.36 page 146 and PG 7.36 page 971:
The first exhibition arranged by the British Pottery Manufacturers’ Federation at the Buxton Pavilion. AE Gray is one of 20 manufacturers showing their products.


February 15 – 26, 1937
22nd British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

P&GR 3.37 page 64 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Stand Nos C410 & 422. Occupying a commanding central position in Empire Hall, featuring in window in dinner, coffee and tea sets the new Stella designs, illustrated here (page 61), treated groundlaid colours with spot diaper (suggesting name) as a border on cups and plates, deeper from rim to handle base on cups and pots showing close regard to contours, on graceful shapes, in various colours: green, beige, maroon and pink. Similar in type are the new American service plates, groundlaid with gold finish, with check patterns, and chain-border of some, also a key motif, the check finished in gold. Another series, Chatsworth group, shows pleasing graduated colour with strong linear interest formulated by brushed treatment of the green, blue, yellow, pink or brown (No A4131 last, noteworthy) to a shaded tone adapted to the spot unit border, best burnished gold finish. Feature in coffee sets: new Queen’s shape, replacing can, outspreading slightly at mouth; also kindred to it, in deep Coronation shape, modernesque with square handles, in decorated patterns. Interesting new range of early morning sets, six different colours of the pattern of freehand-painted spray and banded finish; simpler patterns, without floral motif. [Woodcut or engraved effect] seen in a new inexpensive range for dinner and tea sets, feature being ensemble of motif with cover dishes, latter especially designed for decoration.

PG 2.37 page 250 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd (C410 & C420) As in former years, this firm will be showing a full range of decorated earthenware, both useful and ornamental, and featuring for the most part designs of an individualistic order.

PG 4.37 page 551 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent – General domestic pottery was on show here in a big variety of good-class patterns. The stand received a visit from Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, both of whom made a purchase of a [Coronation punch bowl] – a luxury piece – of a decoration which has been selected for the Paris Exhibition (see text from the French Exhibition catalogue, item 273, shown in the 1937 report below). The painting, it was stated, has been done by an eighteen-years-old girl who was taken straight from an elementary school four years ago. The decoration of the bowl is in gold on an ivory ground. Around the inner rim, in Roman letters, is the inscription ‘Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’, and at the foot of the interior of the bowl the Royal coat-of-arms, whilst at intervals, both inside and outside the bowl, appears the Royal crown. Numerous other pieces were purchased by Queen Mary at this stand, including an hors d’oeuvre set, complete on tray, and a couple of dozen hand-painted jugs. Mr Gray was congratulated by Queen Mary on having attained to his fiftieth year of association with the pottery industry.


May 4 – November 27, 1937
L’Exposition Internationale

Jardin du Trocadéro and Champ de Mars, Paris

PG 2.37 page 237:
…. the British pottery and glass for the exhibition …. has, we are told, been sent off. The pottery pieces finally chosen are the work of the following:
…. Wedgwood, Doulton, Susie Cooper ….. AE Gray & Co Ltd …

Exhibition details courtesy the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, reference M1128. Guide des objets exposés dans le pavillon du Royaume Uni, pages 39-52 and 228:
…. Notons, à propos du renouveau d’un ancien procédé national, les modèles de luxe établis par AE Gray & Co, et les faïences de Pountney & Co.

Céramique et Porcelaine – OBJETS EXPOSES
222 – Ashtray, earthenware, painted silver lustre
223 – Cigarette box, earthenware, painted silver lustre
224 – Ashtray, earthenware, painted silver lustre
262 – Items of a tea service, pink lustre
263-265 – Bowls/vases, pink lustre
273 – [Coronation bowl, earthenware]
283 – Tableware, cream-coloured, painted decoration

2122 – Kitchenware

PG 8.37 page 1068:
…. firms represented …. ‘top end’ of the industry …. AE Gray seven items – Gray, makers of a special and particular type of pottery.
PG 10.38 page 1342:
AGM of North Staffordshire Branch of the Society of Industrial Artists – reference made to six public lectures in the past year, one of which was AE Gray on ‘The Paris Exhibition’.


February 21 – March 4, 1938
23rd British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

PG 2.38 page 248 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd – Stand C1010 & C1020. Decorated earthenware, both in services and ornamental articles, will again be shown by this firm, modern design being specially emphasised.

PG 3.38 page 406 (Fair review):
‘Royalty at the B.I.F.’ – Queen Mary bought from the following firms: …. AE Gray & Co Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent ….

P&GR 3.38 pages 60, 64-65 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent. Had again a fine corner position in the central aisle of the Empire Hall, good taste shown in tiered groupings of table and associate decorative types, also attractively featured open settings in the side windows. Clean, graceful contours with dentil edge mark a new range of morning sets. These in soft-toned decorations of shaded multiple bands in brushwork treatment are effectively relieved by warm coloured fleur-de-lys centres. Rather unusual is a pinky tone in No A4988, it goes well with the dominant bright note of the floral motif. Pleasant warm coloured bandings shown in a new series of kitchenware, sensible bases and body outlines. These stand out well against the massed decorative linear bands at base in orange, green and blue. Mottled colourings effect shown in No 8312, and a clearly-defined yet soft-toned blue hand-traced treatment in No A5692. Store jars are to be added shortly. Banded patterns in table services still selling well, and include shaded bands in pastel colours. Rather distinctive is a new smoke colour seen in pattern A4939, in grey to shoulder then darkening; but requires circumspection in application. Wove in all patterns except No A8312*. There are some distinctive simple motif spray effects applied to dinner ware, as in the delightful clean rendering in No A4918, of palm unit crossing the shoulder line in complementary grey and yellow scheme against a soft grey band and bright green edge. Another, the [Heather]  design, shown on the right of our illustration, used as a corner motif in flat pieces and just off centre from base of hollow wares, is finely tuned for decorative effect and balance, with apt colouring predominatingly greyish and shaded lines and strong black edge throwing up the outlines. Available en suite. Of a somewhat different type is No A5081, a repeat of crocus flowers warm in tone with dominant green of spiky leafage falling away pleasingly towards shoulder athwart a wide relieving fawn band. Heightened in tone by gold edge the skilful play of a bright two-toned green on handles combines to give a striking colour unity of the pattern in relation to shapes. More difficult to assess in the latter regard is the unusual No A4962 design, seen on the left of our illustration. Noteworthy as a praiseworthy effort to effect a breakaway from accepted pattern treatment on small-scale objects, as dinner ware, etc, there is introduced a repeating encircling motif of blue and green floret sprays below the shoulder axis of dishes, the rim bordered in sepia band and gold with double lines. Done in other colour schemes. Their [Stella] design, introduced last year, shows a variety of groundlaid coloured borders – pink, green, blue, and yellow, relieved by polka date diapering to shoulder. The dessert ware seen in this is decidedly pleasing. A3872 in [Stella] design, with beige border, shows a vertical disposition of the spot diaper with green groundlay, altogether distinctive and aesthetically attractive. Different style of lamps introduced in ovoid shapes, hand-decorated motives, treatments designed to harmonise with dinner and tea ware for table settings. Very good series of hors d’oeuvre sets, modern, clean contours and decorative ensemble with simple painted patterns.
*this is assumed to be 8312

PG 4.38 page 550 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent – general domestic earthenware – dinner, tea and coffee ware, – of modern designs were shown by this house. The stand was again visited by Queen Mary, who purchased a number of items, including a four-section hors d’oeuvre set, fitted to a wooden tray, the design featuring a hand-painted guelder rose. Her Majesty also purchased some jugs banded in gay colourings and some pieces of kitchenware blue-banded and lined.


February 28 – March 3, 1939
24th British Industries Fair

Olympia, London

PG 2.39 page 251 (Fair preview):
AE Gray & Co Ltd. Stands C1010 & C1021. This firm announces that it will again be showing tableware in dinner, tea and coffee services, electric lamps, vases, bowls, kitchen fittings and sundries, as well as pottery for advertising purposes.

P&GR 3.39 page 82 (Fair review):
‘Royal purchases at the B.I.F.’ – purchases by Her Majesty at the stand of Messrs AE Gray & Co Ltd of Stoke included tea and coffee services decorated in silver with a vine pattern and a copy of a thirteenth-century Persian design; a double coffee service decorated in copper lustre; and two morning sets, one broadly painted with green and pink lustres and the other having a conventional border pattern.

P&GR 4.39 page 87 (Fair review):
AE Gray & Co Ltd, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Stands Nos C1010 & C1021, in their usual well-placed corner position in the centre aisle of the Empire Hall, laid out with quiet, good taste, utilising effectively the side windows for pleasing groups of hand-painted tableware of distinctive modern forms. One of their outstanding designs is No A5628, en suite covering dinner, tea, and coffee services and other wares, utilises a new green, of light sage tone, treated with deep band of this and enriched with scoured gold finish, the ground having rendering of double white lines scratched out, the result is very soft and pleasing in relation to contours. Available in all colours. Soup services, in sets of six or eight dishes and server shown, in all colours and designs decidedly attractive.

PG 4.39 page 531 (Fair review):
Useful and ornamental domestic wares, bearing exclusive decorations, were shown here on the usual spacious stand. There were dinner, tea and coffee services, kitchen fittings, vases, bowls, electric lamps, numerous sundries and pottery suitable for advertising purposes. The stand was visited by the King and Queen, who displayed special interest in quite a number of items, particularly a range of pieces decorated in a silver resist. Coffee sets and tea sets were purchased by their Majesties in an Old English Vine pattern and a thirteenth-century Persian design; also a coffee set in the old copper lustring style and an early morning set painted in green and pink lustre, the interior of the pieces being lined with mother-of-pearl. Her Majesty the Queen caught sight of a cornucopia flower holder, which was displayed with anemones, and she was interested to learn that this was modelled by Mr Gray’s daughter (see Designers, Joan Gray). She expressed a liking also for an old Leeds flower vase with six compartments, with a gold decoration upon a matt-buff glaze.


May 10 – 20, 1939
Exhibition of Staffordshire china and earthenware

Lewis’ Ballroom, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent and Lewis’ department store, Liverpool

P&GR 5.39 page 120:
An exhibition of Staffordshire china and earthenware, sponsored by Messrs Lewis (Staffordshire) Ltd at Lewis’ Ballroom, City Arcade. It was later shown at Lewis’ Liverpool store. Exhibitors included: Susie Cooper, Doulton, AE Gray, Johnson, Shelley and Wedgwood.

PG 6.39 page 777 with illustration page 779:
AE Gray was present at the luncheon before the opening.
The illustration (image 1) (image 2 – larger version of segment from image 1) shows the AE Gray stand in the foreground, with many banded patterns on display.

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