Pattern No: 5003

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Figures Not known 1925


The illustration is from the 1955 24-page brochure The Story of Old Staffordshire Pottery by (William) Kent of Burslem. The index in the brochure lists two versions of this figure as:
Toby Jugs, John Bull: No374 (large) 11″ high. Only this one is illustrated.
Toby Jugs, John Bull: No375 (small) 10″ high.

The figure shown here is 250mm/10″ high and has had a repair to the removable hat.

This pattern has a special place in the website’s Archive: its details were given on the anniversary day of Mr Gray’s 150th birthday (24 May 2021). Many thanks Malcolm!

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M Sperring-Toy
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