Pattern No: A8674

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Magnolia Lustre - silver Not known 1949


The second image shown here, taken from a company information photograph, was used for an advertisement which appeared regularly in Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review from April 1950 to December 1951 (see the Adverts section).
The hand-written label on the back of the photograph reads in full:
PATT. A8674. Magnolia printed in Grey, Painted in Pale Yellow, White, & Green. Background is in Silver Lustre, and the Border is handpainted in Silver. Line & edge also Silver Lustre.
PATT.NO. A8656. Handpainted design in Silver Lustre.
……… “ ……… A8666* As A8656 but in Copper Lustre.
…* This is almost certainly an error and should be A8657.
The large plate in the image is pattern A8674.

A pattern sold by the London retailer Heal & Son: all the examples so far recorded have the Gray’s Heal backstamp Heals2 (see Backstamps section).

A plate looking to be of pattern A8674 was featured in Pottery and Glass in April 1950 in the Quality Corner section.

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GP/Nagington & Son
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