Pattern No: A4054

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Commemorative - royal Not known 1937


This is one of several designs produced in anticipation of the 1937 coronation of Edward VIII and which was cancelled in December 1936. The full wording around the base is Coronation King Edward VIII.
The lining is in gold, as with pattern A4215. A4214 has brown lining suggesting a brown-lined version of A4054 may have been planned.

The second image is of a pot with no pattern number and the third image shows a pair of pots: one for the planned coronation of Edward VIII (no pattern number) and one for the ‘replacement’ coronation of George VI (pattern A4341).

It’s worth commenting here that the Staffordshire potters, of which Gray’s Pottery was a part, were organised and had time to plan for Edward’s coronation. The abrupt change of plan necessitated by the abdication meant manufacturers had some rapid re-design and approvals to be completed for what was then an urgent production schedule for May 1937.

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