Pattern No: A8692

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Ludlow Print - enamelled prints SC Talbot 1949


This design has been recorded with no shaded band, with a blue band, with a green band, as described in the Pottery and Glass article: … available (for export only, of course) with groundlay in a variety of colours – Spanish grey (often marked pattern A8692/1), pink, silver brown, stone and turquoise, and also with a plain uncoloured background.

The image shown in the 1949 Pottery and Glass article was used in an advertisement in that magazine from March 1950 to November 1951 (see the Adverts section). It also appeared in the 1950-51 Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art.

The soup plate has a label: ‘5/6 ea’.

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Originator unknown
Originator unknown
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