Pattern No: A8734

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - copper Not known 1949


This pattern is another (see also A8651) of the earliest to use a wide range of Heath prints (see the Prints & Verses, Henry Heath section).
Individual shapes often had different prints: the image of three circular plates has (from left to right) Art of Tormenting 3(6) – Family playing musical instruments; Art of Tormenting 6(5) – Three ladies surrounded by three gents; Art of Tormenting 3(2) – Two ladies standing, Version 2.

Most of the pots recorded for A8734 have been in the USA where Gray’s lustre designs seemed to have been especially popular in the late 1940s and through into the early 1950s.

Similar Patterns

None yet listed.


Originator (in the USA) unknown
Originator (in the USA) unknown
jeanh2 (USA)
left to right:
blanealicia (USA), psk50 (USA), viridian53
Originator unknown
haskelll (USA)
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