Pattern No: A8908

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - enamelled prints Not known 1950


This pattern uses a wide range of Heath prints (see the Prints & Verses, Henry Heath section):
Tankards and jugs have been recorded with various Scenes in London prints such as No 25, No 37 (on the tankard shown), No 38 and No 44.
Many A8908 tobacco jars/humidors have been recorded in various countries, often with a Dunhill backstamp reference. Several primary (‘front’) prints are in use including Art of Tormenting 2(2), Scenes in London No 14 and No 25 (examples illustrated). All these jars have just one secondary print: Art of Tormenting 4(5). What can be noted is that all the tobacco jars have prints which include a smoking element which suggests planning rather than co-incidence!

A pattern sold by the London & Paris retailer Dunhill.

Similar Patterns

None yet listed.


bidorbuy (South Africa)
Originator (in France) unknown
Originator (in the USA) unknown
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